Green Farms


Who We Are

Here at Green Farms Medical Dispensary, we specialize in
 no-till , high brix, craft cannabis that is free of synthetic nutrients, pesticides, and other undesirable traits often found in cannabis. Our plants are grown in an environment free of chemicals, ensuring an all natural product.In a modern world of synthesizing everything, we believe our cannabis is of the quality that every patient deserves. Our cannabis is produced in highly monitored settings, with only the best methods of natural cultivation being used right down to the all natural Living Soil.

Just clean meds.

If you don’t believe us, check out our photos!

Our team of budtenders are

highly trained and passionate about cannabis, compliance, and most of all,

your care! 

Contact Info


3629 Galley Road

Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Hours of Operation-7 Days a week:  11 am – 8:45 pm