Intro To Our Company

Green Farms was established by John W. Long Jr in 2017. His dream of growing synthetic free cannabis for the community has been realized with the opening of the establishment. Green Farms specialize in no till, high brix cannabis that is free of synthetic nutrients, pesticides, and other undesirable traits often found in cannabis. In a modern world of synthesizing everything, we believe our cannabis is of the quality that every patient deserves. Our cannabis is produced in highly monitored settings, with only the best methods of natural cultivation being used.

Our staff is specially trained to address potential treatment options for each patient by understanding the cannabis plant as a whole. We train our staff to understand the endo-cannabinoid system, cannabinoids, terpenes, and how these all may interact together to attempt to treat each symptom or ailment. No longer do you have to worry about going to get your medicine and asking for advice from an individual who cannot assist. If our budtender doesn’t know the answer, they will find it. No patient’s needs will be left by the wayside.

Green Farms strives to be the best, which is why we employ the best of the best. Together our team  ​has over 30 years of experience in the Colorado cannabis industry alone. Compliance is just as important as clean medicine; therefore, we take it very seriously to follow all state laws to the fullest extent.

What is No-Till gardening?

Most people who garden use a very typical system of watering the soil they purchased from the store, or what was already available on their property. Many individuals will till the soil, a method of mixing soil that results in breaking up the organic and non organic matter and mixing them back up. When tilling soil, multiple issues can arise. Many people are familiar with the Dust Bowl in the 1930’s, which was a direct result of tilling the land without working to replenish it. By placing plants into the ground and allowing them to suck up nutrients and minerals, we are removing the life in the soil. If nothing is done to replenish the soil, eventually the soil will die and become dirt.

With No-Till gardening, we use the concepts of composting, mulching, and tea brewing to replenish soil. Our garden will continue to replenish itself because we will help build a thriving ecosystem in each bed. By starting with a specialized blend of organic amendments, we are able to introduce the essential microlife into the soil, and build the ecosystem. Using cover crops also provides major benefits, allowing for the soil to exchange nutrients and minerals with different plants and microlife. This beautiful system is as close to nature as we can achieve in a controlled setting.

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3629 Galley Road

Colorado Springs, CO 80909


Hours of Operation-7 Days a week:9am-7pm