John W. Long JR.

JW Long Jr. is the Founder, Owner, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Strategy Officer of Green Farms LLC. He specializes in Organic, No-Till, Living soil cannabis cultivation. His cultivation experience reaches back over 30 years. His industry experience has placed him in almost every type of grow imaginable. After decades of studying different growing styles, JW committed to No Till, Living Soil due to its environmental and physical benefits of cannabis cultivation. With his experience and passion towards Living Soil, JW is now turning his focus and energy to changing the cannabis industry by introducing the masses to this style of cultivation.
Understanding soil sciences can not only change the cannabis industry, but change the world for the positive. JW is dedicated to his dream of building a world full of clean medicine. Being a patient himself, he knows the importance of clean, viable medicine.
No Till, Living soil cultivation reaches across the entire cannabis industry, offering positive impacts to quality and consistency; and JW has proven this can be executed at scale in large commercial operations. This style of cultivation expands into both medicinal and recreational cannabis, industrial hemp, CBD hemp, and has obvious impacts in non-cannabis related agricultural practices.
Being a veteran of our US Military, JW has served his country and understands the profound impact that our veterans have on this great nation. Their sacrifice, dedication, and heroism are the bedrock of this country’s freedom. JW has made the conscious choice to help donate to programs that benefit veterans in need. Alongside this contribution to valor,
JW also commits to programs assisting in Native American tribes. JW’s commitment is to participate in building a better world for all people. His leadership, energy, and influence has allowed Green Farms to build a team of talented individuals to help him bring his dream to a reality. These like-minded resources bring decades of experience to the table, and together Green Farms will continue to innovate and influence the way the cannabis industry is operated.

Katie Hardin

Katie Hardin is the Green Farms Medical Store General Manager. Katie, a Colorado native, joined the Green Farms family in its debut. Her strong interest in healing benefits of marijuana brought her into the industry and although she is new to it, she is no stranger to cannabis. Katie was introduced to cannabis during her youth and has since incorporated both medicinally and recreationally in her everyday life. Because of her beneficial experiences, she hopes to someday see the marijuana industry, recreational and medicinal, available nationally. Since her time in the industry, Katie has quickly picked up on the laws, regulations, and day to day operations of dispensary life. Her ability to quickly learn, relate to anyone, and observe her surroundings has made her a huge asset to the team.

Benjamin Conte

Benjamin Conte is our assistant store manager. He was born in Maryland and is 25 years old. Even though Maryland is where he considers home, he came to Colorado with the intention to combat the opioid epidemic that is harming the country. With this, his goal is to educate people on the options available for treating different conditions. He considers himself a medical patient, and wants to ensure that medical cannabis patients in every state have access to safe, high quality medicine. He wants people to know that cannabis can alleviate the mind, relax the body, and elevate the spirit. He has been working in the cannabis industry for about 6 months, and continues to excel each day. Before the industry Ben received his degree in Business Administration with a certificate to teach Mathematics and Business in schools.

Bryan Waschman

Bryan Wachsman is a Cannabis Cultivation Specialist and Educator for Green Farms LLC. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but he considers Savannah, Georgia to be home. He decided to join the cannabis industry when he learned about the cultivation practices that many people use to grow cannabis, and has a goal to teach the masses about clean cannabis cultivation. He wants to see a dialogue built around clean medicine and practical cultivation practices. He has been studying cannabis for over 10 years now. While he enjoys sharing cannabis with old and new friends alike, he really enjoys that he no longer takes Adderall to manage his symptoms. Bryan is fully committed to the cannabis industry, and it is fairly evident that it is a large part of his life. He believes that education is essential, and it removes the ego out of grow rooms. Bryan says that the government has failed to educate the population on cannabis, and has spread propaganda that has damaged the reputation of an amazing plant. We are excited to have such a passionate employee on the Green Farms team!

Nicholas Bichanich

Nicholas Bichanich is a Cannabis Cultivation Specialist here at Green Farms, and has been with us since the beginning. He has a total of 3 years industry experience so far, most of which is with Green Farms. Nick grew up in a small rural Milwaukee suburb, which will always hold a large place in heart. However, after being here for 7 years, he now considers Colorado his second home. He chose to join the cannabis industry because of his love for cannabis and cultivation of cannabis, but also because he believes that cannabis is a true medication that can be utilized by many types of patients in need. Nick goes on to elaborate in conversation, “My goals and vision for cannabis as a whole is that we need to implement policies nationwide that regulate and allow cannabis use in ways similar to alcohol and tobacco. Also, I believe it goes without saying, but cannabis should also be readily available to any medical patients that need it. Cannabis would go a long way in treating all sorts medical conditions, not to mention treating pain, which would in turn have a dramatically positive effect on the terrible opioid crisis that grips our country currently.”