Recycled Organic Living Soil

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Soil acts as it’s own little ecosystem. Feed the soil and in turn, it will take care of your plants!

What is recycled organic living soil?

A plant can only be as good as the soil it was grown in.

This is a simple act of letting nature take it’s course to ensure the best possible product. Healthy soil contains a variety of bacteria, protozoa, nematodes, and other microorganisms that all work together to create a natural and healthy environment for the plant to grow in. We continuously add organic material (homeade compost, leaves, manure, bakashi, etc.) to the soil for a more improved cyclic nutrient flow. When we grow plants without returning organic matter to it’s tiny ecosystem, the soil loses most of it’s vitality, thus leaving you with not so dank bud. The constant addition of organic material to the soil contributes to the health & vitality to give you the potent plants you want to achieve.

ROLS is also how we manage to grow healthy plants without the use of any chemicals or pesticides. Our plants exude much more protein & carbohydrates because of our growing method. When the plant is left alone and allowed to develop a natural, symbiotic relationship with the microbial community in the soil, pests and pathogens have a much harder time getting to the plant. Adding chemical and pesticides will disrupt the natural process of warding off these issues. Think of the many microorganisms found in living soil as the plant’s caretakers. The pests are really no match for a healthy, thriving environment we’ve created for our plants.

What to Expect

  1. Large, potent yields
  2. Trichomes bursting with terpenes.
  3. Higher testing strains
  4. Aromatic and flavorful bud

Sustaining the Future of Agriculture

Yes, ROLS plays a huge role in the success of our grow and allows us to continuously provide you with clean, natural bud. However, ROLS goes a bit beyond just aiming for tons of trichomes, it is also a great way to combat damaging agriculture methods. With the constant erosion of top soil with virtually no return, the soil is no longer able to produce the results it used to, thus causing farmers to use more chemicals and pesticides in attempt to replace the nutrients.

Virtually all organic material can be tossed into living soil, a great way to reduce the waste in your household!

Lastly, ROLS calls for much less watering of the plant than other methods. Considering many countries around the world have been experiencing drought, it’s more important than ever for us to conserve water.

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