What Is High Brix?

You may see us mention “high brix farming” multiple times because it is such a staple in our growing process. Brix level refers to the percentage of solids present in the juice of a plant. These solids are usually sugars and minerals, which are vital for healthy, happy plants! They can affect everything from the flavor of the plant, to it’s overall look. Testing the brix level maximizes the potential outcome of our crop and allows us to deliver you fresh bud with every harvest! The higher the brix level, the happier the plant, indicating that it was grown in nutritious, well-saturated soil such as our special Buffaloam Living Soil.


And what does that mean for  you?

Since our plants continuously test at high brix levels, it has a multitude of great qualities it provides:

  1. More flavor.
  2. The cannabis is extremely aesthetically pleasing due to it’s awesome upbringing.
  3. Free of any infections and need for any pesticides at all.
  4. A good, clean hit, every time.

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