No Till, No Problem!

“All the reputable growers are using it. All the best dispensaries are carrying it. The most discerning connoisseurs are requesting it. And, the most delicious weed grows in it.”

– Zoe Wilder, Merry Jane

What does it mean to be no-till?

Most people who garden use a very typical system of watering the soil they purchased from the store, or what was already available on their property. Many individuals will till the soil, a method of mixing soil that results in breaking up the organic and non organic matter and mixing them back up. When tilling soil, multiple issues can arise. By placing plants into the ground and allowing them to suck up nutrients and minerals, we are removing the life in the soil. If nothing is done to replenish the soil, eventually the soil will die and become dirt.

With No-Till gardening (also known as living soil), we use the concepts of composting, mulching, and tea brewing to replenish soil. Our garden will continue to replenish itself because we will help build a thriving ecosystem in each bed. By starting with a specialized blend of organic amendments, we are able to introduce the essential microlife into the soil, and build the ecosystem. Using cover crops also provides major benefits, allowing for the soil to exchange nutrients and minerals with different plants and microlife. This beautiful system is as close to nature as we can achieve in a controlled setting.


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