Who is Green Farms Co?

Green Farms Co is an organization of different businesses  who all aim to educate the world on truly innovative, environmentally  an organic growing methods. JOHN W LONG, JR founded Green Farms CO as a way to promote healthy growing practices, provide information on these practices, and help you execute them! Our mission is to help our fellow green thumbs maximize their grow potential while being mindful of the Earth’s beautiful enviornment!

Buffaloam Official

Buffaloam is our 100% all-natural, organic compost!

Our Premium Plant Food, Potting Soil and Soil Amendment products are made from 100% Buffalo Compost produced on our own ranch in the untamed Laramie River Valley of northern Colorado. No mixed feedstocks. No blends, no added chemicals, no artificial ingredients, no unknown fillers or waste products. Click the photo to learn more!

Green Farms Feed & Seed

Green Farms Feed & Seed is a grow shop located near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Louisville, Colorado. We offer a wide variety of organics and hydroponics supplies for every kind of grower! Whether you are growing a small plant under one light, managing a farm with thousands of lights, growing outdoors or in a greenhouse, we specialize in helping you ensure you get the best out of your grow! At Green Farms, we take pride in offering the highest level of customer service and are here to help you. Our experienced staff welcomes any and all questions, so stop on by or give us a call and we'd be glad to be at your service! Click the photo for more info!

Green Farms Consultations

In a time where corporate agriculture has reached a phenomenal scale, factory farming and its agricultural practices are overwhelmingly influencing all sectors of the growing market. We are here to help educate gardeners and growers alike so they can make better-informed choices about their gardens and farms, working together to create a safer product and healthier environment for all. Click the photo for more info!

Anbessa Nutrients

A recent addition to the Green Farms family, we welcome Anbessa! Herbal tea recipes that are geared toward different plant stage development phases. Used in conjunction with our super rich microbe blend and organic living compost, it is surely a recipe for success! Enjoy peace of my mind knowing pests are being kept away, simply by keeping your plants as healthy and as possible by providing them with all the essential micro and macro nutrients. Click the photo to learn more!

Interested in expanding your knowledge on all-natural, organic grow methods? Green Farms is dedicated to education and excited to share with you the benfits of high brix, no-till, living soil cultivation!

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Green Farms Medical